How deep does the water need to be for the Riverscreen to operate?

As little as 4 inches.

Will the Riverscreen work in a livestock lagoon?

Yes, with a proper installation.

What do I do if I don't have any water flow?

You can order a Riverscreen with a water-driven power drive or an Electric Motor Drive.

Does the Riversreen change the priming of my pump?

No it does not.

Does the screen opening come in different sizes?

Yes, other sizes available upon request as well as fish approved.

What's the screen opening size?

Standard is 8 mesh. 8 wires per square inch. (Additional sizes upon request)

Will it vortex?

No, it won't vortex because of the large area of draw. The suction size is 7 times the size of the pipe.

Does the Riverscreen float and change with the level of water?

Yes, it floats with the water level and comes with a flexible hose.

Do you have different Riverscreen sizes?

Yes, see this page for our sizes.

How will the Riverscreen ship?

It can ship in a crate via LTL or can be picked at Riverscreen in Clay Center, KS.