Bob Wietharn RiverscreenHi, I’m Bob Wietharn, inventor and manufacturer of the Riverscreen.

Like a lot of farmers, I irrigate from a river that usually can be walked across. The sprinkler nozzles kept plugging with debris that was sucked through the system. Cottonwood fuzz was the worst offender. A screen over the pump inlet that prevented sticks from entering would then plug up with the cotton fuzz. Conversely, a screen large enough to let the fuzz through also allowed larger debris to enter.

At certain times I’d have to spend several hours a day cleaning nozzles not to mention cleaning filters. I finally decided I’d have to come up with something different or quit watering through sprinklers.

My answer was the Riverscreen, which can allow pumping from a depth as shallow as four-inches in running water. An optional power drive can be added for use in slow-moving water, tailwater return pits, and manure lagoons.

Another option is a galvanized lifting boom with brake winch. This boom lets one person quickly swing out and gently lower the Riverscreen to the waters surface where it floats on four pontoons.

Please call me with the specifics of your operation. I guarantee the Riverscreen will help you get more dependable water from your source.