Raymond Yenne

“I’ll give you a 2 year report on my River Screen. We have ran it 2 years now I haven’t had a stop. The 1st year I said its worth its weight in gold after the 2nd year I’m changing it to it’s worth its weight in diamonds. The irrigation pond was covered about 80% with algae & scum. One of the worst conditions you could ever find.”

“Before we had nozzles plugging all the time with snails, small fish & you name it. My hired man, Duane Kugln is in shock as he doesn’t have to work on the pivot all the time . 2 years ago we lost a full pivot of corn just flat burned up. If I would have had this in 1982 I would have had my farm paid for instead of still owing $400,000 on it. I would be glad to have anyone interested in a screen to come & see it work.”