Bob Altweg

“I used to always flood irrigate and wanted to switch to a center pivot system but I was afraid that it wouldn’t work because I was always down in the creek morning, noon, and night cleaning off the suction screen, besides, the creek only had 1000-1500 gallons flowing by the suction screen. Bob brought a screen down to me to try and it worked great so I bought it and put in a center pivot system. I’m sure glad I got the Riverscreen because it worked out really well.”

Steve Peterson

Clay Center, KS

Steve Peterson of Clay Center, KS uses three Riverscreens on the Republican River to keep seven pivot systems running and avoid clogged pivot nozzles.

“I would be in a lot of trouble with leaves and trash getting into the pump without these screens. I used to have to walk my sprinklers every day to unplug nozzles. Now I rarely have to unplug a nozzle.”