Rich McPhillips

Belgrade, NE

“I went from getting in the river twice a day to once a season. I almost have lost the
webbing between my toes.”

Marvin Scheideler

North Loop, NE

“I wish I had it 5 years sooner.”

Darwin Sterkel

Edgar, NE

I have pumped out of the Little Blue River for over 50 years and have fought with trash on the screen and low water depth constantly. When I added a pivot this year, I purchased a Riverscreen – what a difference! Even though river level is low I have no problem pumping form it. I was often unable to pump using my old system which is located less that ½ mile from the Riverscreen site.

Doug Hass

Ithaca, NE

“My neighbor told me “DON’T EVEN TRY PUMPING WITHOUT IT.” So I bought one.”

Jim Kadel

Beloit, KS

“It works in 1’ of water, doesn’t plug and sure beats the old method of cleaning screens two times a day. Without the Riverscreen we’d have a hard time pumping enough water with the low river levels and restrictions. It’s been great to have a plug free operation as well.”